Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Winner Shall Stand

Define love? That is the question I should be asking now to myself. I am tired of him. I am tired of being so jealous.

We had an argument last night. It was about one of his clients. He always talk about that stupid client. He always talk about how the girl irritates him. He is in love with that client of his.

It was our wedding anniversary. Our fight became the worst. We were fighting by the cliff picturing the nice calm seas. It was definitely the most irritating, he talked about how his friends helped him throw a picnic for our anniversary. Why can't he do it on his own? I'm his wife, i should be taken cared off only by him.

I was pushing him, slapping him.

"Am I not that important to you? Why do you even need help from those friends of yours? Don't lie to me, you went somewhere else, didn't you?"

I kept on punching him in the body. I kept on shouting at him. He held me, and pushed me and I fell at the grounds below the cliff.

He planned everything. He planned to kill me. He is not a husband.

I was unconscious for a while. Then a man saw me, he is 20 or so. Tall, strong built and handsome. He helped me and rescued me.

Then it came to my mind that my husband didn't really loved me because he didn't even looked for me. I hate him.

Because of my sudden frustration, i killed the man that helped me. I let his body flow with the tides. I need to bring out my anger, and he was the one I saw.

I went back to the place where I died in the eyes of my husband. He was there wearing black, with my daughter. They were planting a cross on the ground. I thought to myself, is this an insult? He didn't even search for me and now, he thinks I'm dead.

I watched there every move. I hated every cell in his body. I hate him.

During my watching, I often talk to my daughter. His father thinks she's crazy.

Well, well, well, we have a solution to that.

I went to my old house, where my husband stays. He was sleeping back then. I entered the room, wearing nothing on. I decided to wake him up.

He was damned frightened. Good for him, he was the one that caused all of that.

I went closer to him. I removed every single piece of clothing wrapping his body. He was still as handsome as before, his body was still as perfectly toned as when I married him. I started kissing him, going lower and lower till he soon falls to the trap.

I held his body, i need to feel his warmth. Everything was colliding around me, I was ecstatic. I can't explain the feeling of making love again with the person I hated the most. Soon after he exploded, I kissed him and punctured his chest with a knife leaving him unconscious. He deserves it.

I saw him waking up. He's body was aching. He was thinking if what happened was true. He soon turned the thought to oblivion.

I saw my daughter saying that I am alive. He still doesn't believe it, he told my daughter that I am dead.

She instantly answered back and said that I was dead to him, because he is the one that killed me.

He told her that it was an accident. It was not, he planned it. He was tired of me. I need revenge.

I told my daughter to let his dad go to the cliff where i died.

It would be one hell of a full proof plan.

this was the last entry to Sofia's journal

The day came, Sofia's plan was in progress. She went to the back of the tree. Her husband was there almost reminiscing. Sadness could be drawn from his face.

Sofia then grabbed Anthony by the back, then turned him and kissed him. Anthony was shocked at it was really Sofia in front of her. Anthony hugged her, and asked forgiveness from her.

He told her all about his searching for her wife. His sadness without her.

She shouted at him saying to him that it was all just but a lie.

He told her that he really loved her wife. He love him with all the love that a man could ever give and more. He loves her for her imperfections.

She closed her ears and pulled a gun and pointed it at her head.

The guy was crying in front of Sofia, pleading her to remove the gun from her head.

She did, she did remove it. Now, it was pointing at the chest of the guy.

Sofia kept walking forward towards the cliff, and Anthony did the same.

There was a rope hanging from the tree at the end of the cliff. Sofia was aiming for this.

Soon Margaret, her daughter came running commanding her mom to stop it. She ran towards her mother wanting to push her so she'll stop.

Sofia was good, she went away the path that her daughter was running causing Margaret to push her dad.

The dad's head hanged to the rope. The daughter fell into the cliff, head first.

Sofia cried so loud, cursing the wind and the heavens.

Sofia took the gun.................

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